Clutter Cleanups

Tired of the Clutter, Can't Find Your Door?


Compassionate Cleaning is a professional specialty cleaning company that handles hoarding, clutter, sorting, removal and larger organizational projects. 

As educated and certified specialists, we recognize that homeowners with clutter cleanup difficulties are concerned about privacy and want to know that the technicians working in their home are trained, certified, and have undergone comprehensive background checks.  Allow Compassionate Cleaning to show you the difference between professionals and junk removers when you require caring empathetic and qualified individuals in your home to assist in eliminating and arranging your clutter mess.


Our trained staff offers:

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How it works

Providing friendly cleaning services

Estimate Cost

The first step of our process is to go to the site and evaluate what services are required and estimate the cost.


The second step of our process is to take the results of the evaluation and provide services where requested.


The third step of the process is to return when necessary to provide maintenance on high traffic or use areas.

Sponge, household brush, latex gloves lying on a white background. Concept cleaning service

Solving things beyond expectations

Our company believes in a job well done. Compassionate Cleaning knows that the clutter isn’t just junk, but items that need to be organized and removed due to space and necessity. Treating your living condition with respect, understanding and compassion is our goal and our number one purpose in business is to make you happy.