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Why you should use us as your full service cleaning company.

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Compassionate Cleaning

What does it mean to get Compassionate Cleaning Service?

Compassionate Cleaning believes in providing customers that same compassion when providing our services. We are a team of professionals promising to deliver nothing less than top professional quality. Therefore, whether it is your commercial or residential location that requires a thorough cleaning go ahead and give us a call today. With our expert staff and professional cleaning equipment, we are ready to tackle even the dirtiest of jobs.

About Us

Professional Cleaning now in your Budget.

We have taken the professional cleaning services to the next stage here in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. Never again do you hire the kid down the road to perform all your cleaning needs. Knowledge of chemistry and years of hands on experience is needed to make sure you are receiving the greatest results possible in the safest manor possible, which as a result, give you the longest lasting effects.

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Our Service

A reputed cleaning company

Compassionate Cleaning is the cleaning company you’ve been looking for.

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Residential Cleaning

Serving residential cleaning for the elderly and for hospice patients.
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Bio-Hazardous Cleanups

Serving the need of crime scene cleanups.
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Clutter Cleanups

Servicing by removing and destroying big messes and cluttered homes.

Creating happy customers from our services